Cabinets - Care And Cleaning

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Care & Maintenance

Cabinets - Care And Cleaning

Keep Your Cabinets Clean and Dry

Your cabinets have been designed and built to last with a minimum amount of care by you. However, as with your other fine furniture, there are certain "do's" and "don'ts" to adhere to that will help your cabinets retain their beautiful, lustrous finish for years to come.


  • Dry off any dampness or any liquids immediately with a clean dry towel.
  • Clean off any heavy or sticky residues with a warm, mild solution of furniture oil soap or equivalent.
  • Occasionally apply lemon oil or a quality furniture polish.
  • Touch up scratches with a scratch cover or a matching colored paste wax shoe polish
  • Clean white laminate or foil doors and drawers with a mild liquid soap and warm water. Dry with soft clean cloth immediately.


  • Use abrasives, strong detergents, chemical agents, or rags and sponges used for other chores to clean your cabinets.
  • Use a wax because over time it will cause a film that picks up dirt and smoke.
  • Use a silicone-based polish.
  • Drape wet towels over the doors or end panels.